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WebTailor Create a New Information Text Entry/ Customize the Selected Information Text Entry

Information text is generally used for simple instructions, a brief overview, error messages, etc. Info text appears under the header on the page. You can change the order of the information text, add new information text, or customize existing information text.

To create new information text or customize existing text:

  1. Complete the required fields on the form (identified with an asterisk *) and any additional fields you need.
  2. Click Save Changes to save the information you entered or click Reset All Fields to reset the information to the last saved version.

To delete information text:

Field Descriptions

Required Field Description
  Associated Web Page The associated web page appears by default. This is the page defined in Customize Web Menus and Procedures.
  Sequence Number If you are creating a new information text entry, the next number in the sequence appears by default. If you are customizing existing information text, this number is for display only.
* Label Labels are used within the PL/SQL packages to select the text from the database. If you are creating a new information text entry, click drop-down arrow and select a label or type a new label. Use DEFAULT for information text and the ERROR options for error messages. If you are customizing existing information text, the label is displayed.
  Information Text Enter the information text to appear on the screen.
  Image Click drop-down arrow and select the image you want to appear next to the information text (for example, a warning symbol).
  Comment Enter notes to yourself about when the text will appear, etc.

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