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WebTailor Create a New Module/ Customize the Selected Module

Modules distinguish different sections of the product. You can create a new module or modify an existing one.

To create a new module or customize an existing one:

  1. Complete the required fields on the form (identified with an asterisk *) and any additional fields you need.
  2. Click Save Changes to save the information you entered or click Reset All Fields to reset the information to the last saved version.

Field Descriptions

Required Field Description
* Module Code If you are creating a new module, this field is required. Enter a three-letter code for the module. If you are customizing a module, this information is displayed by default.
* Module Description Enter a description for the module. This description will appear in the drop-down list when you are customizing a module.
  Global Menu (bottom links) Click drop-down arrow and select the menu that includes the text links for the bottom of the pages associated with this module.
  Current Release Number Enter the current release number for the product. This number is displayed in the lower left corner of each page.
  Display Headers in all Caps Check this box if you want the headers on the pages associated with this module displayed in all caps (the first letter of each word will be slightly larger than the rest).
  Display Exit Link Check this box if you would like an exit or logout link displayed on the pages associated with this module.

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