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Create a New WebTailor Parameter/ Customize the Selected WebTailor Parameter

WebTailor parameters are used to specify settings that can vary from installation to installation. The parameter names are keys that will be referenced in the stored database procedures that generate Banner Web pages. You can create a new WebTailor Parameter or modify an existing one.

Please be cautious about deleting a WebTailor Parameter that is delivered as seed data. Ensure that the value is not being referenced by a stored database procedure before removing it.

To create a new WebTailor Parameter or customize an existing one:

  1. Enter information into these fields. Required fields are identified with an *.
  2. Select Submit Changes to save the information you entered. Select Reset All Fields to reset the information to the last saved version.

Field Descriptions

Required Field Description
* Parameter Name If you are creating a new parameter, this field is required. Enter a short, descriptive, upper case code that can be referenced. For example, if you need a parameter to contain the URL of a particular custom help page, you might choose CUSTOMHELPURL for your parameter name. This information is displayed by default when customizing a parameter.
* Parameter Value Enter a value for the parameter. The value will be used in a database program exactly as it is entered here. If you are storing the URL of a custom help page, you might enter

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