Add/Drop Classes Help

You will not be allowed to register if there are holds on your record which prevent registration or if you are not in good academic standing.

You are not allowed to register if your time slot is not valid.

This page allows you to add or drop classes for the term you selected. If you are already registered for classes for the term they will display in the Class Registered Successfully section.

It is here that you may drop a class which you are registered for. You will be allowed to register if an action is available. If no action is available you will not be allowed to drop the class. You can not drop a class once it has been graded.

If you wish to add more classes you can enter the Course Reference Numbers (CRNs) in the Add Class section of the page. If you are unsure of the classes which you want or do not know the CRNs press the Class Search button and the Look Up Class page will be returned.

When you are finished with all of your add/drops press the Submit Changes button to update your registration.

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